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The little dog sat there for days... waiting.

She waited patiently for two people, trusting they would return; not knowing that they had moved away and left her behind, in front of the little row of houses where she had always lived. She had been left there amidst their refuse and discarded belongings.

A neighbor, Mrs. P, who had been away on a trip, recognized “Bindy.” She spoke gently and the sick dog, very dehydrated and weak, came to her, so happy to find someone who knew her name.

Mrs. P picked her up and called the Society. She said, “I don’t have much of a budget to afford her medical care. I work two jobs. Could you help me?”

“She is a kind dog and I always felt that she was terribly neglected. It is hard for me to believe how some people behave,” she added. “I know they’d had her for a number of years and she’d had several litters which they sold. How could they just leave her on her own in this city with no food or water or protection?”

We told Mrs. P to bring the dog in.

Under examination, we found a host of problems. She was severely dehydrated, and was diagnosed with pyometra, a life-threatening condition. As well, she had bad teeth, an ear infection, overgrown nails, intestinal worms, and a coat so matted and filthy, we had to shave her completely.

It took a while, as years of neglect had taken their toll. Still, she was so pleased to have some attention paid to her, and she responded well to the medical care.

Soon we were looking at a new little dog. When she was finally well enough to be released, Bindy and Mrs. P went home together. Mrs. P said that she would like her to have a good life instead of the one she had known.