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  • A. 110/S. 1619 Bans use of leg-gripping traps (with limited exceptions).

  • A. 428 Removes language in current law which allows landowners and other authorized persons to kill “nuisance” wildlife in any manner.

  • A. 508 Prohibits state’s participation in artificial pheasant propagation (which involves pheasants being bred to be hunted) and closes the state’s pheasant production facility.

  • A. 518 Prohibits the possession and transport of certain animals and body parts at airports and Port Authority facilities.

  • A. 528 Requires nuisance wildlife control operators to use non-lethal methods unless contrary to public health and safety or otherwise prohibited by law.

  • A. 584/S. 3302 Bans import, export, transport, sale, purchase, barter, distribution or possession of any part or product of the skin or body of the African Elephant, African Leopard, African Lion, Black Rhino and While Rhino.

  • A. 790/S. 3279 Limits sale of fur products.

  • A. 849 Prohibits use of toxic ammunition to hunt wildlife.

  • A. 1226/S. 1455 Provides that nuisance wildlife control operators who use lethal methods must be more transparent by requiring them to document why non-lethal methods were not used.

  • A. 1614 Provides that state law shall not be construed to restrict right of localities to enact and enforce laws prohibiting or restricting the sale of fur products.

  • A. 2917/S. 4099 Prohibits contests, competitions, and tournaments to hunt wildlife but, unfortunately, contains exceptions for contests, competitions and tournaments whose objective is the hunting white-tailed deer, turkey or bear.

  • A. 3784/S. 589 Prohibits the taking of non-native big game mammals in a fenced or other area from which there is no means for these animals to escape (canned hunting).

  • A. 4006/S. 605-A Limits the outdoor release of balloons .

  • A. 4007/S. 5434 Bans use of unmanned aerial vehicles to hunt wildlife.

  • A. 5682-A/S. 4859-A Provides that companies contracting with the state must not contribute to tropical primary forest degradation or deforestation directly or through their supply chains and establishes a program to assist businesses to achieve compliant supply chains.

  • A. 6836-A/S. 6211-B Expands definition of wild animal in the Environmental Conservation Law.

Contact Your Representatives

To help take action on any of these or other animal protection bills pending before the NYS Legislature, use the methods below to reach lawmakers.

  1. Your Assembly member and New York State Senator

    If you do not know their names or contact information, go to  and If you provide your address, you can get this information. In your communication, mention that you are a constituent and include your address.

  2. Senate and Assembly Leadership

    Name: Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Majority Leader
    Phone: (518)455-2585
    Fax: (518)426-6811;
    Address: Room 907, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12247

    Name: Carl E. Heastie, Assembly Speaker
    Phone: (518)455-3791
    Fax: (518)455-4812
    Address: Room 932, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12248